The American Sephardi Federation, a Founding Partner
and home at the Center for Jewish History

The American Sephardi Federation is one of the founding partners of the Center for Jewish History. The other four major institutions of Jewish scholarship, history and art are the American Jewish Historical Society, the Leo Baeck Institute, Yeshiva University Museum and the YIVO Institute for Jewish Research. The Center, an affiliate of the Smithsonian Institution, is a unique central repository for the cultural and historical legacy of the Jewish people. It serves communities worldwide and is the largest repository documenting the Jewish experience outside of Israel. The Center's dynamic program of exhibits, cultural events and intellectual gatherings serve all who wish to explore the richness of the Jewish past and the promise of the Jewish future. Founded in 2000, the Center's libraries and archives contain more than 500,000 books and 100 million documents that include pieces of art, textiles and ritual objects.

The facade of the Center for Jewish History, home to the American Sephardi Federation (click to enlarge)
The newly renovated 2011 Collection Management and Conservation Wing where old Jewish documents, photos and objects are brought in to be processed by archivists
The Reading Room of the CJH. The Center's collections includes more than 100 million documents, 500,000 books and thousands of art objects.
The Great Hall of the CJH where people meet and mingle and grand dinners are held.
The auditorium of the Center for Jewish History where films are shown (including the NY Sephardic Film Festival), lectures and other productions take place.
An archivist work room in the Collection Management and Conservation Wing An archival storage room in the Collection Management and Conservation Wing One of the Center for Jewish History's archival tools, a high-resolution digital scanner / camera
ASF's production of a Tableau Vivant, a Living Picture of a Moroccan Jewish ceremony which takes place during the week preceding a wedding.
World-class speakers such as Prof. Norman Stillman are common at the Center. In 2010, Prof. Stillman was one of many scholars ASF brought to be a keynote speaker.
The Center has many galleries, here, visitors review an ASF exhibition on the Jews of the Balkans.

The American Sephardi Federation at the Center for Jewish History is located at 15 West 16th Street in New York City